Matthew Coleman

Keepin' It Kronaby

Matthew Coleman
Keepin' It Kronaby

Pretty stoked about this watch by Kronaby.  It's a super versatile smart watch that doesn't distract from the day-to-day and keep your eyes glued to it like most smart watches do.  It allows me to stay in the know for the things and people I need to be in touch with, without taking me out of the moment I'm in.  Notifications come as a small series of buzzes, no unnecessary lights or flashing.  Best part is, it looks great!  I'm a fan of the classic style analog watch, and Kronaby is a pretty sharp example of just that.  It goes well with pretty much anything I throw on.


When I need to keep it casual,

I can stay in touch without calling attention to an extra flashy watch.  The Kronaby fits this style no problem, and keeps me on time for my coffee breaks!


Strolling through DTLA with future projects on my mind.


Had to class it up a little on this day,

and was able to still able to style this watch with what I wore.  Kronaby excels with its sleek simplicity.


Make sure you grab one for yourself here!