A Break in the Wilderness

A Break in the Wilderness
Matt Coleman

Last week I got home from a quick road trip to Colorado, and it was just the getaway I needed. One of my old friends moved from Southern California out to Colorado and claimed some amazing things, so I had to visit and see what amazingness would cause him to move away from perfect So Cal. Turns out it was really cool out there -- so different from the west coast, but I can see why he loves it.

It was a twelve hour drive (a little rough driving it overnight on the way home) and I made stops in Utah and Arizona on the way.

The first place we visited was The Monument which is a national park in the desert with a bunch of impressive canyons and hiking trails. It made for some epic photo ops, and I was really interested in the history there, like the Old Spanish Trail.


Next we went to Gateway Canyon where we actually got to do some gold panning. The gold comes off the sides of the cliffs, so you can drop some dirt and sediment into the pan and it catches the gold. Really cool experience!

Then the last place we visited was the Grand Mesa.  It's the largest flat-topped mountain in the world -- there are even some lakes up there. We hiked and drank beer and had a great time just hanging out...while sporting some army green cargos that fit the setting. 

It was a really fun trip overall, and I'm glad I went. It's such a contrast from the busy city life out here, but it was a good time catching up with my old friend and getting into the wilderness a bit ended up being a really nice break. Pencilling my next visit into the calendar asap!