Matthew Coleman

Classy Comfort

Matthew Coleman
Classy Comfort
Necessity is the mother of invention
— Plato

Sometimes, the best products are created because someone isn't satisfied with what's currently on the market.  Such is the case with the Wolf & Shepherd shoe line.  They've taken two great products: comfortable, well performing sneakers, and the elegant, modern looking dress shoes and combined them into something wonderful. 


Wolf & Shepherd

is proud of how comfortable their footwear is, and they're not wrong.  I walked this pair all around Los Angeles, and was not disappointed! 

They really know how to take care of your feet.

I'm a pretty big fan of a minimalist style, so as you can imagine, these sleek shoes are right up my alley!


Aren't these gorgeous? 

You won't believe how comfortable they are until you grab a pair for yourself here!